What is V.O.I.C.E.

Have you ever felt like your VOICE is never heard, you're talking and asking questions but no response or no answer. As young ladies growing up into young women; we have questions. We need guidance and sometimes we just simply need someone to trust and talk to. Here I will try my best with the help of some good friends to give good Christian advice and to share helpful stories that may help the next young lady. Most of all to share the love of God.

VOICE is also about lifting young ladies up in God our Father. VOICE stands for victorious, optimistic, individuality,confidence, and excellence, these are very important areas in young ladies life that need to be talk about. We all lack in at least one of these areas known or unknown, so by the grace of God I can help you in these areas.  I pray that God guides me and lead those to my blog that is in need of answers, encouragement, sisterhood, friendship or a good laugh.  Be blessed!

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