Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What Happens When?

Quote :"Forgiveness is the sweetest revenge."  ~Isaac Friedmann
I remember in the 90's, people weren't so rude, nasty and down right ruthless, what happen to all the nice people? Throughout my walk with God, I have faced many opportunities to let my flesh take over and act out, thankful my spirit has the upper hand.  The other day, a lady at the dentist office was so rude to me when I asked her a question about a payment plan for my hubby's emergency surgery.  I mean she talked down to me like I was a nuisance or something.  She tried to belittle me but I serve an awesome God and I know my worth as a human being.  Now my flesh wanted to say some ungodly stuff to her but my spirit was like pray for her instead and ask God to bless her.  Wow, what happens when your spirit kicks in and tells us to do the right thing? Do you obey or do you put it off till you get over what happened?

Well I obeyed God, when I got back in my car I told God to bless her abundantly and to show her where she was wrong at and to have mercy on her. Was it easy, ummm no, but God's promises for me and my family are greater than the disrespect I received from that lady.  Why she said what she said, ladies I don't know, because I don't remember being rude at all.  Sometimes no matter how nice you are to someone they can be just as ugly and mean to you.  Like Joel Osteen said in one of his message, don't let anything or anyone steal your joy, and believe me when I say, it takes less energy to pray for someone than to fuss and whine about what they did to you.

I forgive that lady in my heart for the way she treated me.  I pray that she will not talk to anyone else the way she did to me because she may not get lucky the next time around.  Sisters, Christ was treated so badly and he never said on mumbling word on the cross while receiving the worse treatment one could ever experience.  If God can take all of that without saying one word, why is it so hard for us, as His children, to do it.  I encourage you to pray for the ones that do you wrong instead of fussing about it.  Obey God and He will reward you greater than any revenge.  Be blessed and to God be all the glory.

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